Kampus pertama

Kampus pertama ???! ya, karena saya berharap ada kampus kedua dan kampus ketiga. karena saya pikir s1 itu kurang dingin karena itu ada s2 maupun s3.. Wallahua’lam.. semoga Allah melindungi mimpi-mimpi kita.. Bumi Allah itu luas, semoga Allah meridhoi saya menapakkan kaki saya di bagian bumi lainnya untuk belajar.

kemudian saya ingin berbagi gambar atau logo unas universitas nasional untuk keperluan tugas maupun skripsi.

berikut gambarnya

oiya, sekedar perkenalan, di universitas nasional  saya jurusan Teknik Informatika.

Semantic web support Business

How Semantic Web technologies support Business Activities

Defining ‘‘Context’’: Within an organization, a ‘‘context’’ has its own knowledge
resources, business processes, and definitions for terms. A small accounting company may have some small functions for marketing and HR, but its primary context will be ‘‘accounting.’’ For a large multinational on the other hand, there are independent knowledge bases and processes for different departments.

Defining ‘‘Concept’’:Within an organization, certain activities may be conceptual, and others are not. Simple calculations are not conceptual, but developing a corporate strategy.

  1.  Activities where concepts and conceptual understanding are important: For    example, reviewing legal documentation or contracts, or searching information for concepts. and data related to the topic of focus. Generically speaking, activities where the actor is trying to interpret, infer, augment, and aggregate information
  2. Activities that span a diverse range of business contexts: For example, working across R&D, marketing, and operations departments to develop a new product line. Generically speaking, activities that help discover, harvest, create, present, transmit, or act across diverse knowledge resources and business processes

(Source : Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies, 2011)

Current Semantic research activities towards a Large Enterprise…..

for instance, The Semantic Technology and Business Conference. also known as (SemTechBiz) divided  into several parts topic include

Big data, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Case studies/use case. Cloud Computing, Content Management, context, Developing Semantic Software, Enterprise data management, Industry and business trend, Knowledge engineering and data management, linked data, reasoning, rule, web service and  so on


Ontology used on

1.  http://corpus.quran.com/

Ontology of  Quranic concepts

The Quranic Ontology uses knowledge representation to define the key concepts in the Quran. and shows the relationships those between these concepts using predicate logic. the fundamental concepts in the ontology are based on the knowledge contained in traditional sources of quranic analysis, including the hadith of the prophet Muhammmad and the tafsir of ibn kathir.



the diagram above showing the semantic relations between concepts.

2.  http://bioportal.bioontology.org/

The National center for biomedical Ontology is one of the National center Biomedical computing.