foreign students at universitas nasional

foreign students at universitas nasional (UNAS)

Dual degree program: faculty of Economics, UNAS

A total of 27 students from Guangxi University for Nationalities, P.R. China led by its faculty member, Ms. Yang Junchu, arrived in Jakarta on July 27, 2012. Following their seniors who had graduated from the Indonesian Study Program, these students would begin their two-year joint degree program to study Management in the Faculty of Economics, UNAS. After settling in their accommodations, the 20 female and 7 male students immediately took part in Akselerasi Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) program, led by Drs. Somadi Sosrohadi, M.Pd, Arju Susanto, S.S., M.Pd, and team which would take place until the beginning of September 2012 and preliminary lectures on culture given by Dr. Wahyu Wibowo, M.M., introduction to economics by Suryono, S.E., M.M., and cross-cultural orientation by Nia Levina, M.Si. Cooperation between UNAS and GXUN which began in 2007 had included exchange visits from the Presidents and faculty members of both universities. Last year, the Memorandum of Understanding was renewed by the Rector of UNAS, Drs. El Amry Bermawi Putera, M.A. and the President of GXUN, Prof. Dr. He Longqun. and 7 students from nagasaki university and nagasaki institute applied sciance- japan study for reptiles


in addition,  and 16 student from other countries study bahasa indonesia (indonesian language) from DARMASISWA program. before, 11 students and 13 students from other countries in year 2010 & 2011.

further information visit  at:, applicants should notify to the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate General before applying online.

office of international cooperation

Universita Nasional, selasar 2nd floor

Jl. Sawo Manila, Pejaten, Pasar Minggu- Jakarta, 12520 Indonesia



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